Use R/Data/Recommended Resources

Technical Notes/Handbook 
Quantdary Technical Note
Quantdary Handbook on OLS in R Draft 0813


Recommended Links/Documents to Learn R or Programming

  1. Mirza Trokic’s R Seminar Lecture Notes
  2. R-Bloggers
  3. The Undergraduate Guide to R (Excellent for beginners in R)
  4. Project Euler (A union of Math and Computer Science)
  5. We Think therefore we R.

Recommended Forums/Websites to post R Questions

  1. Stackoverflow

Recommended Econometrics Textbook/Resources

  1. Econometric Theory and Methods by Russel Davidson and James G. Mackinnon
  2. Econometrics Sense written by Matt Bogard
  3. Econometrics Beat by Dave Giles
  4. Chris by Chris Auld

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