Investments as Time Machines?

You might be wondering what I have been up to, given the paucity of posts.

For one I have been working on research related to momentum trading with a couple of colleagues, that, alongside a class in applied computational economics have taken in a large chunk of my time.

I have been writing however, but since those posts are now published under Quantdary, it means that it has to go through the fun process we call review. I am currently working on a series of posts related to investment management, and the inspiration came from conversations with professors, investment managers and employees of financial institutions. My aim is to demystify the investment management process to the general population, with the hopes that they are informed enough to be able to ask the right questions so that they won’t be shoved into buying products that are ill-suited to their profile. Those that I have spoken with a hopeful that a culture change and a paradigm shift in the investment management business model towards an advise-based fees would be beneficial to investors. I share the same hope, and this is my little contribution towards that end.

The first part of the series can be read here.