What I have been up to

Last semester was pretty heavy when it came to workload, I laboured away on my graduation thesis and got roped into a quantitative trading team. Very glad to have the thesis accepted, which means the coming semester consists entirely of course work.

Christmas was wonderful, and got 2 wonderful books to read. One book I got was Wine:From Grapes to Class by Priewe, and the other being Eric Silbin’s The Cello Suites. I had fun finishing Silbin’s Cello Suites, and it is wonderfully written and highlights Pablo Casals and Bach really well. Also thought it was a good strategy considering not much can be written about Bach given the dearth of biographical materials. The wine book is interesting, since I am trying to explore how people evaluate wine. As I always say in jest, if people would wine more and whine less, that would be grape.


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