What I have been up to

Due to some of my commitments (which includes play) I have neglected my blog for awhile. Since the end of the exams I have read Robert Frank and Philip Cook’s “The Winner Take All Society,” wrote an op-ed “Microfinance Institutions: Friend or Fiend” for SNED’s website, wrote a report reviewing KIVA’s organisational practice and have now completed my draft proving theoretically on how a U of T Eng Sci degree can act as a signalling mechanism for information assymetry when it comes to hiring Engineers with U of T Engineering Degrees (So it probably has to be polished, get nasty stuffs commented on how this is a lousy paper before I get to send it for publication, have it sent back for review, resend and whatever circus acts one has to go through to publish in a journal in the Cirque du Soleil that is academia).  I am currently reading Justin Fox’s The Myth of the Rational Market.

The highlight of my Winter Break was my trip to Toronto. I had a great time sight-seeing around Toronto but the best part was spending time with all of my friends. (To the drunk guy hailing North Korea and Kim Jong Il at LCBO, it was weird bumping into you). Incidentally the Toronto trip also provides real life examples of economics principles in action, which may be featured in subsequent posts.

Happy 2011 everyone,and to us in Quebec it means an effective consumption tax of 13.5% after midnight. Here’s to a year with more solutions to our pressing problems.


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