About Me


My name is Koay Keat Yang and welcome to my website. I am currently an undergraduate at McGill University.

I was born and raised in Penang and Malaysia, and am grateful for the opportunity extended to study in Canada. I hope this website provides valuable resources to visitors who are interested in learning how to use R, discussing topics in Finance (mostly on Financial Stability), Economics (mostly on poverty and inequality, or social policies) and Time Series Econometrics.

I am also the co-founding editor of Quantdary, a student-led data driven newsletter that strives to stimulate non-partisan discourse in economics and finance. As an avid supporter of Kiva, I also encourage the people around me to join my efforts in eradicating poverty.

I am indebted to my family members all my teachers(be it teachers, T.As or professors) for the opportunity to learn. Hopefully their efforts will reflect glory on them as I apply my knowledge in my labour.

To access my blog, click on the “blog” subpage under the Home page.

In the Use R/Data Page, you will find links to documents/documents I made on how to perform certain operations in R, as well as data used in my blog posts.


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